Collin and Farrell

Tailor-made English Lessons

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English language courses

Whether you would like business or private tuition, Collin and Farrell will be able to design and deliver a course tailored to your level and needs.

All classes are taught exclusively by Claire and Diane.

One to One

These courses are perfect for any professional for whom English is a necessity for success. Each class is specifically crafted following a thorough needs analysis and level test given by Claire or Diane. Tuition plans and materials are researched and tailor-made for each individual.

Small group classes

Each class is delivered on a cost-effective basis. Course participants follow a rigorous needs analysis and level testing process to ensure the language training plan will work for everyone.

One to One telephone lessons

For clients who can only be reached by telephone, or as a supplement to a different course a one-to-one telephone language course is perfect for all your language needs. 30 minute classes can be prearranged, from 1 to 5 days a week.

Intensive courses

These courses can be taken for a number of hours a day or over a week. They are specifically created with each client's needs, abilities and requirements in mind. Perfect for the relocating professional or those with business commitments abroad.